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Production Period: May 1995
Release: Oct. 1995
Title: Stunde Null
Format: 12" EP/CD
Label: Time Out Of Mind
Download Release: Jun. 2007 / T.O.O.M.
Tracklisting Schwingungen
Sequenz Des Lebens

Audiofile 1: Schwingungen [MP3] [RA]

To hear the sound samples you will need either an MP3 player or RealPlayer (www.real.com). To listen, click on the "[MP3]" or the "[RA]"-link after the title (providing this has been set up with your browser correctly).



This first work after I returned from a long stay in the States, not counting my usual commutes back and forth, is based on my desire to try out something totally new and to release the results on the brand new label. I gave the project the working title “Stunde Null“. I began with the minimum number of instruments that I could imagine: 1 monophone instrument, a mixing desk and two stereo recorders.

“Schwingungen“ and “Sequenz des Lebens“ are composed of just three Minimoog tracks (recorded in a ping-pong method between two DAT recorders). In part three, “Stille“, I added a drum machine and a modern synthesizer to the sound generator whereas on “0±1=X“ five instruments were involved, but no Midi. By the way, “harddisk recording“ was completely unknown to me at the time. The pieces were created in free improvisation sessions which resulted in a new creative stimulus to make electronic music beyond the Cosmic Baby vernacular and working process that I had perfected in the years before. However, rediscovering this joy of experimenting started a new trend for me, away from the current techno genres.



You can only pay respect to the Master, as he definitly left the secure path of commerce. "Stunde null" is a listening epos with 40 minutes, that can compare itself without hesitation with the established acts of the listening scene. We are impressed.

Marc Kokanee, beam 11/95

A restart indeed...you hadn`t really expected listening oriented ambient music from Cosmic...Not to be taken lightly, but that`s what "Stunde Null" radiates a magic with definitly carries the ring of a new path.

Jochen Ditschler, Sabotage 12/95

Record of the month...an impressive masterpiece of electronic music. Cosmic baby has created a transition of honest sensibility with abstract, sheric sound collages and subtle hypnotic vibes. It seems he is exploring a new world and breaking unexpected borders.

Sven Zimmermann, Schmidt 12/95



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