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Production Period: Jan.-Sep. 1995
Release: Nov. 1995
Title: 14 Pieces - Selected Works
Format: LP/CD
Label: Time Out Of Mind
Re-Release: Dec. 2000
  "14 Pieces Plus 2" [*]
  CD / Time Out Of Mind
Download Release: Jun. 2007 / T.O.O.M.

Tracklisting Bothsides Of The Atlantic
East Houston St.
Floating Construction [*]
You Are Always In My Heard
It Will Ring Your Bell
Funkfiction I
Funkfiction II
Do Not Stack
Yalda's Song
Irregular Heartbeats
Melbourne - Mexico - New York [*]

[* = additional track on "14 Pieces Plus 2"]

Audiofile 1: East Houston St. [MP3] [RA]

Audiofile 2: You Are Always In My Heart [MP3] [RA]

Audiofile 3: Träume [MP3] [RA]

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“Fourteen Pieces“ is a collection of electronic pieces which I had composed at various places and in various moods over the year through 1995. It documents my desire to experiment, leaving all the baggage of past expectations behind and (stylistic-technical) routines and find new avenues of personal expression. In September I chose a limited selection of pieces from a huge number of different styles and released them as a kind of taking stock of where I stood as an artist. The lessons learned from “Stunde Null“ reinforced my conviction of leaving the intuitive element of spontaneous recordings in their “raw“ form instead of polishing them smooth in later reworking and advanced mixing. I liked to move straight on to the next piece and keep the flow going, rather than getting bogged down in working on the details.

Some production notes:

February 1995: recorded in my New York apartment, “East Houston St.“ describes the mood of a route I often took walking home from Manhattan's Alphabet-City towards Broadway and the subway to Brooklyn.

May 1995: Research into the basic form of Techno pieces. “Funkfiction“, “It will ring your Bell“ and “Irregular Heartbeats“ all originate from the fun had programming the TR 808 drum machine. Everything that followed is built up around these patterns.

July 1995: one of my greatest dreams as a composer: to express with the simplest means (ideally just one track) the most complex situations in the very moment of their inspiration. These moments are rare and simultaneously the “moments of glory“! These are the moments when the dichotomies between “accident“ and “intention“, “heart“ and “head“ are transcended. “Glücksspirale“ and “Träume“ were created in such moments in Berlin, and „Karma“ in Orlando/Florida.

August 1995: “Bothsides of the Atlantic“ and “You are always in my Heart“ are related. I call them “large transatlantic pieces“. Atmospherically, they are wide, melodic and have improvised passages, breathe with an American groove, are very emotional and defy any categorization into a set style. In this sense, another related piece: “Teotihuacan“.



A masterly Double CD with 14 pieces of art which offer with every hearing a deeper understanding fot the musical experience that Cosmic Baby is going through. Techno for those who enjoy Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream. 10 Points!!!

Dirk Waldmann, Raveline 1/96

Once again Cosmic Baby proves his enormous creativity: nothing is equal, everything moves and changes, rather abstract and beyond standarts. He creates a musical dreamworld which is placed far from the known musical universe.

Detlef Hogefeld, Solo 1/96



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