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Production Period: Jul.-Nov. 1995
Release: Jan. 1996
Title: Kinetik
Format: CD/2x12"
Label: Time Out Of Mind
Download Release: Jun. 2007 / T.O.O.M.
Tracklisting Ready? (Die Prinzessin Auf Der Erbse)
Floating Construction
Sexy Boots
Melbourne - Mexico - New York
Motorische Reflexe [* Previously Unreleased]
[* = Download-Bonus, not on CD/12"]


Audiofile 1: Melbourne, Mexico, New York [MP3] [RA]

To hear the sound samples you will need either an MP3 player or RealPlayer (www.real.com). To listen, click on the "[MP3]" or the "[RA]"-link after the title (providing this has been set up with your browser correctly).



“Stunde Null“ was a radical break with the past and marked the start of a journey into the unknown. “14 pieces“ stood for alternative possibilities for making contemporary electronic (pop) music. “Kinetik“ focused specifically on club music. The pieces were written immediately after returning home from a performance with the evening's impressions still very much alive in my mind. Key words: “rave“, “wall of sound“, “mass euphoria“, “rapture“, “ecstasy“, “exhaustion“, “over-saturation“, “elixir“, “sex“, “community“, “emptiness“...

I see “Floating Construction“ and “Melbourne, Mexico, New York“ as full compositions in their own right with the former being a more detailed study in construction and the latter an attempt to convey the lyrical emotional aspect of internationalism. By contrast, “Gummitwist“ is made up solely of mixes. “Sexy Boots“ and “Ready“ are somewhere between “track“ and “object of utility“.

Motorische Reflexe“ was my sound record of the inspirations of the “Energy Rave“ in Zurich after the “Street Parade“ in August 1995. The material is scored in the classical “three movements“ and is limited in its execution to the fundamental elements of a dance track - rhythm and bassline. It was on the original “Kinetik“ track listing and in spite of all considerations for authenticity I threw it out at the last second before pressing the album ... now you can hear it as an additional track on the download release.



For a third time he approaches chamber music with „Kinetik“. By experimenting with sounds and beats beneath the 120 sonic barrier, Mr. Baby has created an interesting statement to the accelerating and pitching techno world, with is definitly shouting for attention.

Björn Döring, Zitty 3/96

After Cosmic's latest release being rather abstract and for some probably too experimental, the new album tries to direct the energy to the dancefloor. This CD really proves this development, where the sheer force of music lets you head closer and closer to the floor with each track.

Dirk Waldmann, Raveline 3/96

This is Cosmic how I missed him, we're up for earlier succes again! Beautiful clear tones, sound sheets...I won't tell you more, get surprised!!!

Dolphin, Raveline 3/96

Once again Cosmic Baby proves his enormous creativity: nothing is equal, everything moves and changes, rather abstract and beyond standarts. He creates a musical dreamworld which is placed far from the known musical universe.

Detlef Hogefeld, Solo 1/96



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