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Release: Jan. 2004
Title: bi polar
Format: CD
Label: Tru Note/Edel
Tracklisting Gymnopedié No.1
Étoile Polaire
Budapest - Bukarest
Struggle For Pleasure
Kreuz des Südens [Southern Cross]
Gymnopedié No.3




An impressive work of the musicians, famous under the names Cosmic Baby and Schiller. Perfectly connected Sounds, the rhythm-machinery works smoothly like a Swiss clockwork. Almost intimidating the precision of their beats & bits !!!

Daniel Rot, WOM-Magazin 02/2004

CD-Highlight No. 1! Whether they work on Philip Glass` "Etoile Polaire", Michael Nymans "Departure", George Gershwins "Summertime" or Wim Mertens` "Struggle for Pleasure" - neither they are caged in over-respect, nor they act respectless, add an accordic sequence here, a melody there. Brutal deconstruction is not their cup of tea, tough; they reach a consumable result every time - so smooth, that you can easily enjoy your latte macchiato in your favourite lounge-bar. We are talking about two "conservatives", obviously: with their tightly sequenced "Budapest-Bukarest", Blüchel & von Deylen are outing themself as adorers of, oops, Tangerine Dream !!!

Albrecht Piltz, KEYS 03/2004

Lay back, relax and dream ... Blüchel & von Deylen meet on the tangential point of classical music and electronics. (...) Even the Gershwin classic "Summertime" sounds like never heard before in this skillfully atmospheric version, where the well known melodic theme of the piece seems to be an echo from far away. To me the most beautiful piece on this melancholic CD! Pressing the repeat button is highly recommended !

Ingeborg Schober, 01/2004



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