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    „Industrie & Melodie“ (contents)

1. Cosmic Baby 1999-2006   (more)
2. About „Industrie & Melodie“   (more)
3. Audio samples   (more)
4. Textual material   (more)
5. Family tree - electronic music   (more)

    1. Cosmic Baby 1999-2006
There's the man speaking loudly of „a desire to make music that could transport multilayered structures; music which did not attempt per se to catch the attention of its listeners as effortlessly as possible“ - only then to take his one-dimensional Cosmic Baby out of mothballs immediately afterwards.

A contradiction ?!?

And in fact there were moments between 1999 and 2002 when I turned on the drum machine and synthesizer and created things that belonged to the Cosmic world. They were mostly short, spontaneous pieces which I recorded as stereo tracks and kept for later use. Often they arose when I took a detail from a Bluechel work and reworked it in loose improvisations until it became something independent.

These were sporadic flights and intimations. And yet, with hindsight, there are some pieces among them which I would be doing an injustice to if I never let them out of the studio.

Old-new (or perhaps „totally new“) from Cosmic Baby - a contradiction in terms? Agh, no way! Nowadays I'm relaxed enough to see CB for what it means for me today: an artistic identity, a defined musical form of expression instead of a phantasmagorical „über-ich“. I can live with this, in future too.

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    2. About „Industrie & Melodie“
„Red Square on a Black Background“

Background: in 1988 I was striving hard to make a „brilliant“ Cosmic Baby album. It was meant to be the sum of all internal and external demands and expectations: it was aimed at the charts but should still remain independent. I wanted it to entrance the public like „Stellar Supreme“ once had but still sound different - no longer techno - yet remain the kind of music I owe so much to - not denying that I wanted to „prove“ something to the very same people that I had already moved away from in my mind. „Wanted to“, „had to“... clearly over-motivated... a clear case of a creative block.
I was looking at the new album „Heaven“ as a task that I had to solve, one that I had to do justice to, and was looking for a number of possible inspirational approaches. Only one facet of this search for how CB music could sound in 1998 gave me real joy:

the return to - and reworking of - the cultural inheritance of electronic music from the seventies, most of it German, provided me with an inspiring Leitmotiv. I set up a special station equipped solely with electronic instruments from the period: Minimoog, Moog Prodigy, Moog Source, Jupiter 8, TB 303, TR 33, TR 808, TR 909, SH 101 and got down to business.
I named the project „red square on black background“ in acknowledgement of Russian suprematism and constructivism. While working my fingers to the bone on giving the „Heaven“ tracks their final polish, my eyes would light up just thinking of „the red square“, like an assembly line worker impatient for the siren to sound the end of the shift. While the work on my other projects felt more laborious than anything else, I felt as though I was in an artistic oasis when working on this „retro“ music.
With hindsight, I see that this was a clear case of sublimation, self-slavery and putting the cart before the horse. In spite of the hot and cold showers I felt the whole time - or maybe because of this (?) - I kept forcing myself to focus on tortured dead ends instead of following my feelings and concentrating on the things I really enjoyed.

Personal notes on „Red Square on a Black Background“, written in 1998:


In recent weeks I have had a lot of fun creating music that sounds more like something you might expect if a pop-art comic artist met a science fiction author and they tried to convert their ideas into sound using electronic instruments from the seventies.
It does sound a bit strange - electronic Krautrock - or new wave - or technopop - in principle yes, but ? ..no, no way!
At any rate, I came up with a hell of a lot of electronic short stories that were complete in themselves:
they talk of an adventurous „trip through the south“ („Die Reise durch den Süden“) whose „sunshine“ could easily inspire a Central European to wild praise or like the atomic physicist, Wolfgang Pauli, whose destiny seemed to be that his experiments always broke down when he entered the laboratory. There are speaking computers which make fun of their zeitgeisty human inventors and users; there are robots which sing in assembly language or who dance electro-boogie across the ages with their stainless steel body parts. The stories tell of childhood trips by train to „Wonderland“ or with more pathos, in the „Soviet Union“... They constitute a new dance suite for the „Triadic Ballet“ for the Dessau Bauhaus or describe the ghostly atmosphere of the Berlin underground junction, „Ostkreuz“ on a dark and dismal November night... permeated by episodes from everyday life like „experienced coincidences of a synchronistic nature“, getting up after „a bad night“ („schlecht geschlafen“), the better TV program when looking in the „Aquarium“ right up to the „fine little dream loop“ („kleine feine Traumschleife“) as a possibility for switching off somewhere and everywhere...

I certainly have experienced coincidences of a synchronistic nature

Today I see the pieces of the „red square“ originating between November 1997 and January 1999 as an extension and development of „14 Pieces - Selected Works“ since they came to me in the same playful atmosphere of inspired ease. Where „14 pieces“ is characterized by a very open stylistic thread holding it together, the point of „Square“ was to concentrate on a single sound idea. These pieces are now being released in December 2006 under the title of „industry & melody“ with a (negligible) delay of seven years. In exactly the same mix as back then.

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    3. Audio samples

Audiofile 1: experienced coincidences [MP3] [RA]
Audiofile 2: industrie & melodie (industry & melody) [MP3] [RA]
Audiofile 3: wolfgang pauli im experimentallabor (wolfgang pauli in the research laboratory) [MP3] [RA]
Audiofile 4: sowjetunion (soviet union) [MP3] [RA]

To hear the sound samples you will need either an MP3 player or RealPlayer (www.real.com). To listen, click on the "[MP3]" or the "[RA]"-link after the title (providing this has been set up with your browser correctly).

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    4. Textual material
i certainly have experienced coincidences i certainly have experienced coincidences
of a synchronistic nature of a synchronistic nature
neunzehnhundertachtundsechzig nineteen hundred and sixty-eight
neunzehnhundertundelf nineteen hundred and eleven
neunzehnhundertfünfzig nineteen hundred and fifty
zweitausendzehn two thousand and ten
zeitroboter time robot
gestern - heute - morgen yesterday - today - tomorrow
zeitroboter time robot
zukunft future
zukunft future
zukunft future
die reise durch den süden trip through the south
die reise durch den sonnenschein trip through the sunshine
ein luxusgut a luxury
für jedermann. for every woman and man.
ein auto und a car and a
tv - programm. tv programme.
pauschalurlaub, package holiday,
erlebnisraum. adventure.
per joystick in den via joystick into
cyber-traum. cyber nature.
ein film beschreibt a film describes
die wirklichkeit reality.
in digitaler in digital
natürlichkeit. fidelity.
vollkommen ist the illusion is
die illusion, complete,
durch marketing marketed
in perfektion. to perfection.
unsichtbare invisible
energien, energies,
austauschbare interchangeable
strategien. strategies.
schönheit, lust: beauty, desire
berechenbar. are calculable.
alle träume all your dreams
werden wahr. easily realizable.
er war ein extremer theoretiker, he was a radical theoretician,
der von experimenten who didn't know much
wenig ahnung hatte. about experimenting.
aber den merkwürdigen effekt, but had the weird characteristic
immer, wenn er in ein of always causing
experimentallabor reinkam, experiments to fail,
dann schienen die versuche whenever he came into the
fehl zu gehen... laboratory...
... ...
... ...
... ...
schönheit, lust: beauty, desire
berechenbar. are calculable.
alle träume all your dreams
werden wahr. easily realizable.

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    5. „Family tree“ - electronic music
I have often referred to the four main groups of prime movers who inspired me to make electronic music myself. Here's a more detailed „family-tree“. „industry & melody“ clearly shows how strongly generations 1 and 2 influenced me:

Generation 1 (unfairly in the shadow of Kraftwerk- TD - Sakamoto - Vangelis):
Can, Moebius, Roedelius, Cluster, Eno, Harmonia/Michael Rother, Neu/La Düsseldorf, The Residents, Yello, David Sylvian, Pinguin Cafe Orchestra, Pink Floyd

Generation 2 (unfortunately I was still too young to play in this generation...):
Laurie Anderson, Goebbels-Harth, Der Plan/Pyrolator, FSK, Heaven 17, DAF, Malaria, Die Tödliche Doris, Tom Dokupil/Siluetes 61, Holger Hiller, Reifenstahl, FM Einheit/Neubauten, Tuxedo Moon, Material/Bill Laswell, Talking Heads, Afrika Bambataa, Richard Kirk, A certain Ratio, The Human League, Art of Noise/Trevor Horn, Joy Division/New Order

Generation 3 (my generation):
Future Sound of London, Peter Kuhlmann, The Modernist, Alva Noto, Thomas Fanger, Orbital, Jam & Spoon, Mario von Hacht, Aphex Twin, Autecre, Move D, Derek May, Massive Attack, Der Dritte Raum, Stevie B-Zet

Generation 4 (the next generation...):
Kreidler, Ulrich Schnauss, Air, Daft Punk, Röyksopp, Peter Licht, Dorfmeister/Huber, Jeans Team

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