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Production Period: Nov. 1997 - Jan. 1999
Release: Dec. 2006
Title: Industrie & Melodie
Format: CD
Label: Time Out Of Mind
Download Release: Jun. 2007 / T.O.O.M.
Tracklisting   experienced coincidences
kleine eisenbahn fährt ins wunderland
brigade der zeitroboter
maschinengeschichten i
die reise durch den süden
im aquarium
industrie & melodie
spieltanz - triadisches ballet
schlecht geschlafen
wolfgang pauli im experimentallabor
maschinengeschichten ii
kleine feine traumschleife


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Audiofile 2: industrie & melodie [MP3] [RA]
Audiofile 3: wolfgang pauli im experimentallabor [MP3] [RA]
Audiofile 4: sowjetunion [MP3] [RA]

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Well I never. A new album from Cosmic Baby, the man that like no other shaped the trance movement in the early days of techno and who hasn't published anything else under that name since the end of the 1990s? Yes and no. Yes, because the album only contains unpublished studio tracks. No, because of all of the tracks were created between November 1997 and January 1999 and even the final mix used at the time has remained unchanged. At the time, the album emerged as relaxation as a parallel to the ambitious and completely failed concept album "Heaven", with which it has scarcely anything in common from a musical perspective. On the contrary, Cosmic has created his own separate area for "industry and melody" with keyboards from the seventies in order to pay tribute to the musical heroes of his youth, with Kraftwerk at the top of the list. The endeavor has been successful - the listener can hear the mix of almost childish enthusiasm and a great deal of respect. Cosmic Baby's signature makes a subtle appearance in the refreshingly timeless (if you did not know that the album was already seven years old, you would never guess) electro pop; the homage to Kraftwerk runs through to the liner notes, and in terms of music and lyrics ("vollkommen ist die illusion, durch marketing in perfektion" - the illusion is perfect, thanks to perfect marketing) the title track is perhaps the best-ever Kraftwerk song not from the band itself. There's no question that Cosmic Baby does not need to resort to simple imitation, so what's wrong with a well-produced, respectful Kraftwerk tribute album full of minor hits and inspiring ideas? Nothing at all, that's why this album gets top marks.

Hauke Schlichting, Raveline Feb/07

In terms of musical aesthetics, almost all of the tracks mark the beginnings of electronic dance music. If I didn't know better, I would have attributed some of the tracks to the former Kraftwerk frontmen just from listening. When listening to some of the tracks on the album, you get the feeling you are transported back into a dark EBM club full of sweaty guys, others send the listener racing as a Tron member through the virtual world as we imagined it back in the 1980s. Now and then there is a flash of Torsten Fenslau's Force Legato from the speakers. The cool sounds of abstract rhythms meet warm spaces, and light-footed filigree figurations skips to heavy beats. If we want the future, this is how it should be!

Frank Hilpert, Freshguide Feb/07



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