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    „works 1996.1 - somnambul“ & „works 1996.2 - hundeherz“ (contents)

1. Cosmic Baby 1996   (more)
2. About „Works“   (more)
3. Soundbites   (more)

    1. Cosmic Baby 1996
After taking production into my own hands when I set up Time out of Mind Records in 1995, I also decided to split from my management.
This step proved to be more drastic and difficult to pull off: I had to become acquainted with four years of business and legal matters that I hadn't really had to care about at all before, and handling all this on my own in future.
Artistically I didn't want to make any compromises. The extremely positive experiences I had in 1995 with the trilogy, "stunde null", "14 pieces" und "kinetic" reinforced me in my resolve to carry on in the same direction of unbridled playfulness and unpolished production. A large number of new recordings resulted.
Organizationally I was totally over-demanded. The result was that none of the projects ever got released as a record. These are the works that are now being released here in the collection "works 1996.1 - somnambul" and "works 1996.2 - hundeherz" as an album available for download.

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    2. About „Works“
"works 1996.1 - somnambul":
My iTunes random playlist recently put together "Träume", the closing piece on "14 pieces", followed by "blueberry seeds together", the opening piece on "works 1996.1". It was the perfect continuation! I was instantly able to follow what was going through my mind back then: seeing music as an endless and intuitively woven thread of life transformed into sounds. There is no obvious pause or break between "14 pieces" and "works 1996". At most you can only hear intuitive developments in other areas.
The term "sonambul" characterizes what I mean by "other areas": focusing on the world of "dreams", looking at how what a person dreams manipulates what they perceive. The attempt to harmonize the anticipated "objective" reality with the "subjective" reality.
It stretches from hippy-ish textures ("blueberry seeds...", "nothing is real") to surreal dream interpretations ("kristallzug", "la ciudad...", "paranormal") and darker moods ("und ob ich schon wandere...", "melancholischer Tag") up to melodic minatures ("MIR", "halbdunkel", "somnambul", the "zauberflöte", "soft parade").

The album "works 1996.2 - hundeherz" collects the more kinetic pieces from 1996. Although the album begins with "Psyche", an attempt to bridge the gap between "Stunde Null", cinematic width and house music, all the other pieces on the album are influenced by my first visit to Russia in April 1996. I finally make direct contact with a country that has pulled on my soul strings my whole life long and completes the coordinates of my internal topography (Central Europe - Mexico - Australia - Russia).
"Tauwetter", "hundeherz" and "Sowjetskaja" particularly encapsulate in their own way a musical expression that was new for me.

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    3. Soundbites

„works 1996.1“

Audiofile 1: kristallzug (0:00-3:25) [MP3] [RA]

Audiofile 2: halbdunkel (0:00-3:30) [MP3] [RA]

Audiofile 3: somnambul (1:40-4:45) [MP3] [RA]

Audiofile 4: paranormal (0:00-2:15) [MP3] [RA]

Audiofile 5: die zauberflöte (0:00-1:13) [MP3] [RA]

Audiofile 6: soft parade (träume II) (0:00-4:00) [MP3] [RA]

„works 1996.2“

Audiofile 7: psyche I (3:45) - psyche II (6:24) [MP3] [RA]

Audiofile 8: tauwetter (1:52-6:18) [MP3] [RA]

Audiofile 9: hundeherz (4:18-8:00) [MP3] [RA]

Audiofile 10: sowjetskaja II (1:21-4:29) [MP3] [RA]

To hear the sound samples you will need either an MP3 player or RealPlayer (www.real.com). To listen, click on the "[MP3]" or the "[RA]"-link after the title (providing this has been set up with your browser correctly).

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