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Release: Sep. 2008
Production: Sep. 1994
Titel: Hommage à Blade Runner
Format: MP3/AAC Download EP
Label: Time Out Of Mind
  T.O.O.M. 312
1     Hommage 1.1     05:05
2 Hommage 1.2 04:13
3 Hide & Seek [*] 05:10
4 Megapolis [*] 06:08
5 Hommage 2 08:00
6 Replicants Requiem 04:08

[* = previously unreleased]
Credits   composed by Cosmic Baby,
produced by Cosmic Baby & Jens Wojnar,
mastered von Wolfgang Ragwitz.
created in September 1994
Published by Cosmic Enterprises


The 1994 created 33-minute homage to both the movie "Blade Runner" and the composer Vangelis. Unlike the original commercial release this one only includes own ambient compositions with some previously unreleased parts.


Audiofile 1: Hommage 2 (0:00-2:41) [MP3] [RA]
Audiofile 2: Replicants Requiem (0:00-2:18) [MP3] [RA]

To hear the sound samples, which are for obvious reasons only excerpts in heavily compressed reduced quality, you will need either an MP3 player or RealPlayer (www.real.com). To listen, click on the "[MP3]" or the "[RA]"-link after the title (providing this has been set up with your browser correctly).



The godlike Vangelis has allowed Berlin's Techno-Star Cosmic Baby to tamper with his work!. A pretty faithful rendition, this respectfully adhoros to the spirit of the original.

Mixmag, Dez. 1994




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