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Release: Sep. 2008
Production: Sep.-Dec. 1991
Titel: Sternsprung -
Music For An Oceanic Radioplay
Format: MP3/AAC Download Mini-Album
Label: Time Out Of Mind
  T.O.O.M. 309
1     Die Symphonie der Sterne     06:16
2 Lebensraum 04:01
3 Vereinigte Frequenzen des Meeres 05:35
4 Unendliches Spiel 03:51
5 Sie & Wir 04:46
6 Ich berühre Dein Gesicht 04:02
7 Appell der Wale 02:59
8 Endtitel (Universal Mind) 06:17
Credits   composed & produced by Cosmic Baby,
engineered by Christian Graupner, mastered by Wolfgang Ragwitz.
voices: Christian Brückner & Udo Kier.
With thanks to: Helmut Marko, Ingeborg Oehme-Tröndle & Ingo Golembiewski.
Special greetings to Isis Herzog, Lutz Berger, Iris Reisig and „Mörder Mike“ from Frankfurt.
created in between September-December 1991.
Published by Cosmic Enterprises.


The original soundtrack score material for the several award winning radio play "Sternsprung", first transmitted 1992 on the German WDR station!
Chill-Out with content: the listener expects a musical journey into the depths of the ocean in the spirit of creative ecology and wholistic nature. This album also documents how the examination of Ingo Golembiewski's text is drifting forward the musical idea of "Cosmic Baby": Many of it is incorporated as inspiration into the later first main work "StellarSupreme".


Audiofile 1: Die Symphonie der Sterne (0:00-3:15) [MP3] [RA]
Audiofile 2: Ich berühre Dein Gesicht (0:00-2:05) [MP3] [RA]

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